Boiler Replacement
With Gas costs now higher than ever & rising every year it has never made more sense to look at ways to reduce your fuel bills as much as possible, installing an oil boiler can help.

Mcc gas and solid fuel can also install, LPG and mains gas boilers.

Wood Burning Appliances
Here at MCC Heating Services Ltd. we have a wealth of knowledge in the supply and installation of these wood burning appliances for your home heating.  Our prices are very competitive and our service is first class.  We are fully insured and upon completion of all installations we supply a HETAS certificate of installation and a certificate of installation from building control.
Solid Fuel Heating Link up systems
MCC Heating Services Ltd. also specialise in Link up systems. These systems allow you to take heat from multiple sources and redistribute it as required. A 'Link Up System' allows you to capture heat energy from multiple methods and allow this heat to be used where you want it.

Why Us?
  • We offer a service of design and installation of Open Fires, Multifuel Stoves.
  • We specialize in link up systems between solid fuel, gas boilers, solar and other sources of heat
  • Installation only service available
  • We are HETAS approved and registered installers of solid fuel heating systems
  • Fully insured
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We are now installing biomass boiler & pellet stove systems, running on Wood pellets, Wood chip or logs, these can supply heating & hot water for individual or multiple properties through district heating systems.

These systems are becoming very popular with the introduction of the Governments Renewable heat Incentive (RHI) allowing you to take advantage of the generous tariffs being offered.


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